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The “WordPress of Blockchain”: How Can ICOs Benefit?

Blockchains are everywhere right now, and everyone is trying to figure out their place in this new digital landscape. Countless ideas, some good and some bad, are popping up promising to change any number of industries and traditional business models. Many of them have promising concepts, but quite frankly, it’s always a gamble as to whether anything will come out of these ideas due to the newness of everything, and of course the …
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Blockchain Education Events Are Quite Expensive

Explaining the potential of blockchain technology is of the utmost importance to advance innovation in this industry. The financial side of things is only the tip of the iceberg of how distributed ledgers will change various aspects of life. However, when courses on blockchain education and development cost close over US$4,000, there is a valid question as to whether or not these types of events are the right way to …
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