Blockchain Education Events Are Quite Expensive

Explaining the potential of blockchain technology is of the utmost importance to advance innovation in this industry. The financial side of things is only the tip of the iceberg of how distributed ledgers will change various aspects of life. However, when courses on blockchain education and development cost close over US$4,000, there is a valid question as to whether or not these types of events are the right way to go about things.

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Blockchain Education Expenses

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Granted, it is not cheap to host a week-long workshop on blockchain technology and education. However, that does not mean the prices for these courses should be as expensive as some people are advertising it. While it is certainly commendable for Coinsilium to launch a  blockchain education course shortly, their prices are raising a lot of questions.

It is important to understand this event will be split into two parts: the Blockchain Tech Lab takes place from April 11-15, and there is a Blockathon on April 15-17. The week ticket will cost you GBP2,500, which translates to little over US#3,500 right now. Do keep in mind that price does not include taxes, which will add another GBP 500, or US$700+ to the ticket price.

There are cheaper ticket options available to users, such as the day ticket – GBP 750 – or a two-day bundle – GBP 1,250. All in all, either option is rather expensive compared to the full week ticket. However, one could make the argument every single ticket option is vastly overpriced, considering users are always paying for access to Blockathon, as that event is included in the regular ticket prices. Not everyone might be interested in attending that part of the event, though, making ticket prices even more expensive.

Moreover, the Coinsilium Blockchain Tech Lab is an event tailored towards coders and developers. People who want to learn more about the blockchain in general should skip this event as there will be very little information for them to digest. Food and drinks are included in the ticket price, but hotel expenses will have to be paid for by attendees.

While some people might agree this price is fairly standard in the world of developer training, it would be rather a stretch to call this blockchain education event something for entry level coders. Blockchain education should be offered at a far lower price, although it is far more difficult to find trainers shedding some light on blockchain education for developers.

Blockchain education is an area worth exploring by companies and coders all over the world. In this day of technology and modern communication, most of these courses can even take place over the Internet, which would help reduce costs. That being said, there is something magical about sitting in the same room with like-minded people and dealing with innovative technology that just does not translate well over the Internet.

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