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2020 Bitcoin Halving Attracts a lot of Interest From Institutional Investors

More often than not, people actively wonder who is responsible for buying up the newly mined BTC on the network. As it turns out, institutional investors may play a bigger role in this process than originally anticipated.  Unlike traditional forms of money, Bitcoin has not hit an actual supply cap as of yet. Institutional Investors are Shopping for Bitcoin Instead, there will be an ongoing process of minting new BTC …
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Litecoin Price Can’t Sustain the $100 Level Despite Block Reward Halving

It has become apparent that Bitcoin’s surge to $12,000 and beyond has come to an abrupt halt earlier this morning. While no major damage has been done in the process, the uphill battle remains in place. Because of this sudden turn of events, the other markets are also bleeding value once again. One of the bigger “victims” is Litecoin, as the expected pump following the block reward halving was very …
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The Historical Price Impact of a Block Reward Halving on Bitcoin and Litecoin

There are many different factors which can influence the price of any cryptocurrency. In most cases, it is a matter of supply and demand across different exchanges. With Bitcoin and Litecoin, that situation is slightly different. Both currencies have seen at least one block reward halving which had some interesting price-related consequences. Both currencies will go through another halving relatively soon, which has many traders excited.  The Bitcoin Block Reward …
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