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Bitseed Bitcoin Web UI Lets Node Owners Set Minimum Transaction Relay Fees

Running a Bitcoin node on the network is not overly difficult, assuming one has the hardware to do so. Although there is no monetary incentive to do so, supporting the network in a decentralized way is very important. Bitseed has released a new Bitcoin web UI for their plug-and-play node solutions. This app will give users more control over their Bitcoin node moving forward. The Bitseed Bitcoin Node Web UI …
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Bitseed Ups Storage On Plug-and-play Bitcoin Nodes

When Bitseed announced their plug-and-play solution to bring more Bitcoin Nodes online, there was both excitement and skepticism among digital currency community members. Although there seems to be a huge market for this type of product, the Bitcoin community is filled with people who like to tinker around with technology and build their own solution for a lower price. But things seem to be going smoothly for Bitseed, as they …
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