Bitseed Ups Storage On Plug-and-play Bitcoin Nodes

When Bitseed announced their plug-and-play solution to bring more Bitcoin Nodes online, there was both excitement and skepticism among digital currency community members. Although there seems to be a huge market for this type of product, the Bitcoin community is filled with people who like to tinker around with technology and build their own solution for a lower price. But things seem to be going smoothly for Bitseed, as they recently announced new hard disk storage options.

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New Bitseed Core Products Are Here

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As the Bitcoin block size debate remains undecided for the time being, companies dealing with the size of the blockchain are preparing for what the future may hold. The blockchain keeps expanding in size and is rapidly approaching the 100 GB mark while the blocks are still one megabyte in size.

Regardless of which block size solution comes out as the victor, in the end, the network blocks will be increasing in size shortly. In the end, this will only make the entire blockchain larger in size, which also means Bitcoin Node owners will need to up their storage solutions to keep up with the expansion.

Bitseed is one of the companies tackling the Bitcoin Node problem by offering plug-and-play solutions to consumers around the world. By selling a compact device at a somewhat affordable price, it has become increasingly easy to run a node at home with no setup process involved.

Although some people might debate on whether or not these types of solutions will ever become popular among mainstream consumers, the company has introduced a few new versions of their product. After all, the company is keeping a close eye on the block size debate, and offering increased storage solutions for their Bitseed Core product is keeping Bitseed ahead of the curve.

At the time of writing, there were four different Bitseed Core versions available, ranging from 320gb to 2TB Hard disk drive space, and there is a 480GB SSD solution as well. Depending on which option a customer is interested in, the price for the Bitseed Core will vary between US$169 and US$299 – excluding shipping costs.

Although the 2 TB option may seem to be a bit much regarding storage for a Bitcoin Node right now, it never hurts to be prepared for the future. There are currently plans on the table to increase the Bitcoin block size to 8 MB over time, which would mean roughly 1 GB worth of data would be added to the blockchain every day.

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