Bitseed Bitcoin Web UI Lets Node Owners Set Minimum Transaction Relay Fees

Running a Bitcoin node on the network is not overly difficult, assuming one has the hardware to do so. Although there is no monetary incentive to do so, supporting the network in a decentralized way is very important. Bitseed has released a new Bitcoin web UI for their plug-and-play node solutions. This app will give users more control over their Bitcoin node moving forward.

The Bitseed Bitcoin Node Web UI

For those people who have ever run a Bitcoin Node, the treasure trove of information one acquires is quite valuable. However customizing the settings of one’s node is not an easy process. The majority of changes need to be executed through the command line. From a user-friendliness perspective, this concept still needs a lot of work.

Bitseed has come up with a solution, albeit it is limited to people who own one of their plug-and-play nodes. The Bitcoin Web UI will give customers more control over their network nodes. This particular interface is suited for bitcoind, and it is possible developers can port it to support non-Bitseed hardware in the future.

Among the new features, Bitseed owners can enjoy is the option to set a minimum bitcoin fee before transactions are even relayed. Users who deal with bandwidth constraints can set a limit on how much data is being uploaded to the Bitcoin network every day. Connectivity-wise, the Bitseed 2.1 UI now supports Tor as well.

It is important to keep in mind this new software is only intended for Bitseed v2 owners. Enthusiasts who own the previous model will need help from the Bitseed staff to complete this software upgrade. The installation process itself is simple, and can be achieved by accessing the hardware through an SSH connection.

Since the software is released under the MIT license, all contributions are more than welcome. It will be interesting to see what users can come up with to improve this software. This type of interface would be a welcome addition for everyone who runs a Bitcoin node, though, regardless of which hardware is being used to do so.

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