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Cashila partners up with Reload to always keep users’ accounts filled with bitcoin

According to a recent blog post, it seems like the European payment processor Cashila has decided to partner up with Bitnik Reload, a service that will automatically rebuy all the bitcoin that clients spend at Cashila, via their preferred exchanges. To put things better into perspective, the reasoning behind this partnership is to help users keep a constant bitcoin balance in their Cashila account, which they can use whenever they’d …
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Maximizing Bitcoin Trading Profits With Bitnik Reload and LocalBitcoins

Bitcoin users are always looking to make the most out of their trading efforts, as there are plenty of ways to make a profit. Bitnik Reload is a service which will help LocalBitcoins traders increase their profits over time, as peer-to-peer trading platforms are a great way to secure some lucrative Bitcoin deals. Combining automation with Bitcoin price volatility opportunities make Bitnik Reload a service to keep an eye on. …
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