Maximizing Bitcoin Trading Profits With Bitnik Reload and LocalBitcoins

Bitcoin users are always looking to make the most out of their trading efforts, as there are plenty of ways to make a profit. Bitnik Reload is a service which will help LocalBitcoins traders increase their profits over time, as peer-to-peer trading platforms are a great way to secure some lucrative Bitcoin deals. Combining automation with Bitcoin price volatility opportunities make Bitnik Reload a service to keep an eye on.

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Filling The Bitcoin Gap With Bitnik Reload

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When dealing with the LocalBitcoins trading platform, coins can exchange hands on the fly. This is one of the major advantages to peer-to-peer, as there are no middlemen involved in the process. Depending on the payment method chosen, users can transfer Bitcoin immediately to the other party, or wait until the payment has been completed.

However, there are some traders who are looking for opportunities to make a profit, which would require them to rebuy digital currency on the fly. Up until this point, that has not been possible for most traders, which is where Bitnik Reload comes into the picture with their new service.

This easy-to-use web service brings automation and reporting services to LocalBitcoins users, although any over-the-counter reseller of Bitcoin can use this service should they want to.  Bitnik Reload will re-buy bitcoins automatically, as soon as they are sold through the seller’s LocalBitcoins account.

Sellers will have a chance to customize this platform to suit their needs, including how many coins should be rebought, and at which price. Keeping in mind how LocalBitcoins prices are determined by sales, there are volatile price swings to take advantage of. Sme automated trades will yield higher profits compared to others, although there is always the option of losing a tiny bit of money as well.

Even though this automated solution by Bitnik Reload sounds very promising, there is no guarantee for success. Buying new stock of Bitcoin when previous coins have been sold should result in profit eventually, although external market influence can throw a monkey wrench into those plans. However, by reducing the “restock time”, chances for profit are increasing by quite the margin.

One thing to note is how LocalBitcoins sellers can rebuy digital currency from any of the twenty exchange platforms supported by Bitnik Reload. All of these trades will be completed anonymously – according to their Medium post – and integration with LocalBitcoins requires very few permissions.

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