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Bitcoin Trading: Price Analysis for 4/22

What’s up traders, Back again with the daily bitcoin price run down. Currently, we are still taking a breather from that huge surge up on 4/20. Let’s get into the charts 228-229 is a key level for bitcoin. It is both the 50% fib retracement and the location of a significant previous swing high. Once that swing high which was resistance is broken, it becomes a level of support. It …
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Bitcoin Trading: Price Analysis for 4/21

Sup trading brahs, Bitcoin did infact get high for 4/20. That was exciting. Now, we gotta see if we will enter a sluggish hangover phase or continue to the moon. To recap yesterday’s ideas: We noted the ascending wedge forming in bitcoin which usually means that buyers are coming in a buying the dips harder and harder as price approaches a resistance level. Usually, this leads to a huge break …
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Conducting Bitcoin Business In Canada Becomes Far Less Appealing

Canada seems to be far less attractive for Bitcoin users over the past few days, as nothing but bad news has been coming from that corner of the world. Not only has CaVirtex – one of the country’s biggest Bitcoin exchanges – announced they have been potentially breached, but Vermont’s only Bitcoin ATM will be shut down due to regulatory issues as well. CaVirtex Possibly Breached – Shuts Down Immediately …
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