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LedgerX Bitcoin Derivatives Are a Hot Commodity Right Now

The global demand from investors and speculators for Bitcoin has been rising steadily. After 2017’s crazy bull run, no one wants to miss out on the next leg up. Despite all of the hardship during Q1 of 2018, it seems things are looking up again. LedgerX has confirmed that its Bitcoin derivatives trading volume is increasing rapidly. Bitcoin Derivatives Are Very Popular Providing traditional investment vehicles linked to cryptocurrencies is not a straightforward …
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DCORP and Derivatives

One of the most attractive things about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies -apart from the trading values of these- is the technology that enables these assets themselves: the Blockchain. Thus far, the Blockchain has not ventured too far outside of the realm of cryptocurrency but has incredible potential for a plethora of tasks. This also means that apart from a Forex type trading market, digital assets like this do not …
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Bitcoin a Hedge, Diversifier, or Safe Haven for Energy Commodities?

Unlike fiat, bitcoin has emerged as the world’s first fully decentralized currency that relies on a highly sophisticated network protocol. The logarithmic growth rate of bitcoin’s market capital has recently climaxed and bitcoin’s price recorded its all time high of $1350 a few days ago. The skyrocketing popularity of bitcoin has urged researchers and economists to start assessing the financial aspect of bitcoin. Along a recently published paper, a group …
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