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Bitcoin Depot Shuts Down Several ATMs due to Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis affects many different businesses and industries. Even Bitcoin ATM operators cannot escape this problematic trend, as Bitcoin Depot is shutting its machines temporarily. The world as people knew it has perhaps changed forever since the coronavirus crisis. Coronavirus Spoils Bitcoin Depot’s Momentum Several facts of everyday life may never return to who they were, depending on how long this pandemic will continue to wreak havoc. Until the …
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Bitcoin Depot Currently Operates Over 400 Bitcoin ATMs

The ongoing growth of the Bitcoin ATM industry cannot be denied. Over 6,000 of these teller machines can be found around the globe. Bitcoin Depot is the first company to surpass the 400 ATM mark in this industry. The Ongoing Growth of Bitcoin ATMs That also makes them the largest operator of Bitcoin ATMs globally. CoinFlip and CoinCloud are not too far behind, with 393 and 389 machines respectively. All …
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Bitcoin Depot: Expands to 15 States to Provide Cryptocurrency Access to 85 Million People

Bitcoin ATMs are becoming increasingly popular as the adoption of cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream.  They make buying and selling cryptocurrency much more accessible than ever before. The company leading the way to mainstream adoption is Bitcoin Depot. Bitcoin Depot has recently installed its 125th ATM, adding to the company`s rapidly growing Bitcoin ATM network.  Its convenient physical locations are making a significant impact on cryptocurrency adoption and usage. All …
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