Bitcoin Depot Currently Operates Over 400 Bitcoin ATMs

The ongoing growth of the Bitcoin ATM industry cannot be denied. Over 6,000 of these teller machines can be found around the globe.

Bitcoin Depot is the first company to surpass the 400 ATM mark in this industry.

The Ongoing Growth of Bitcoin ATMs

That also makes them the largest operator of Bitcoin ATMs globally.

CoinFlip and CoinCloud are not too far behind, with 393 and 389 machines respectively.

All of these figures confirm Bitcoin is still of great interest to a lot of people.

As the number of machines in operation continues to grow, there are major hopes for the industry as a whole. 

Other than these three operators, however, no other company comes even close to reaching the 400 Bitcoin ATMs milestone anytime soon.

With over 6,000 machines operational worldwide, it is good to see some strong competition emerge.

Considering how the top 10 operators run 42% of all Bitcoin ATMs, an interesting situation ensues.

All of the other machines are operated by 551 different operators.

Anyone in the world can operate such a machine if they want to and have sufficient startup capital.

It is also crucial to verify if one needs a specific license to operate Bitcoin ATMs in one’s native country.

Some regions are far more strict in this regard compared to others, for obvious reasons.

As the number of Bitcoin ATMs in operation continues to rise, one would expect big things for the value per BTC.

So far, it appears there is almost 1 ATM per dollar’s worth of value per Bitcoin.