Bitcoin Depot Shuts Down Several ATMs due to Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis affects many different businesses and industries. Even Bitcoin ATM operators cannot escape this problematic trend, as Bitcoin Depot is shutting its machines temporarily.

The world as people knew it has perhaps changed forever since the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus Spoils Bitcoin Depot’s Momentum

Several facts of everyday life may never return to who they were, depending on how long this pandemic will continue to wreak havoc.

Until the situation is properly under control, restrictions will remain in place.

Contrary to what most people expected, this will also impact Bitcoin ATM operators.

One of those companies, known as Bitcoin Depot, is shutting down its machines to prevent spreading the coronavirus further.

Machines in high-pop areas are no longer accessible to ensure social distancing guidelines are taken into account.

It is likely that other machines throughout the US will face a similar fate.

Any machine noting strong user activity is now a potential risk.

As such, it is likely that up to 10% of all Bitcoin Depot ATMs will be put out of commission until the end of April,or perhaps even longer.

Given how the company is active in 25 states and owns 600 devices, it is crucial to keep monitoring the situation.

It will be interesting to see if other Bitcoin ATM operators take similar precautions in the US.