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Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – BitGlobal

Criminals and thieves continue to target cryptocurrency holders with their Ponzi schemes. Advertising an investment opportunity that makes no sense and offers impossible rewards is a great way to attract attention, as some people will fall for these schemes. BitGlobal is one of those companies should watch out for, as it claims to provide bitcoin cloud mining without any tangible proof. BitGlobal Will Vanish Into Thin Air Any Ponzi scheme …
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Bitcoin Scam Risk Warning – Bit Minister

The number of fraudulent Bitcoin cloud mining companies continues to grow every single day by the look of things. Bit Minister is a new platform that offers users 3% daily returns, at a rate of 0.125% every hour. Users can also withdraw their initial deposit at any given time. The more advanced – and expensive – plan returns 5% of the investment every day. Bit Minister Combines HYIP With Bitcoin …
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OXBTC Launches Bitcoin Cloud Mining Promotion

Every time the topic of cloud mining is raised in the Bitcoin world, there is a fair amount of hesitation by community members. With all of the recent Bitcoin cloud mining scams taking place, promotional offers and cheap contracts are not necessarily greeted with a lot of enthusiasm. OXBTC released their ‘most cost-efficient cloud mining contract”, which is relatively cheap, and it will be issued on first-come-first-serve basis. Also read: …
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