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4 Additional Notes Regarding Binance Issuing Stablecoins

About a week ago, it became apparent Binance was in the process of issuing its own stablecoin. While not too much was known about the project at that time, it seems a lot of things have changed in a short amount of time. Some of the initial remarks are no longer valid, albeit there is still a lot of information missing at this time. The GBP Currency has a Name …
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Lack of Binance Chain’s Full Node Open Source Code Raises a lot of Questions

The ongoing success of Binance and its associated BNB token has attracted a lot of attention. For those who are able to look past the hype and glamour, it would seem some genuine concerns are being raised regarding Binance Coin. With the “blockchain” launching in a few days, the lack of  full node open source code has many people wondering what the current plan is. Moreover, one has to wonder …
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Price of Binance Coin Surges 25% Following Announcement

Following major declines in global trading volume, cryptocurrency exchanges across the board have seen significant losses since the start of 2018. Coincidentally, the corresponding exchange tokens have also suffered. However, Binance Coin (BNB) looks poised to defy this trend with a great market response to a recent major announcement. Earlier today, the Binance team published an article regarding a new, major innovation they are working toward: Binance Chain. Binance Chain represents …
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