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BCoin Developers Unveil LCoin, the First Node.JS Fullnode Implementation of Litecoin

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts may be familiar with the BCoin project. It is a full node Bitcoin implementation mainly focused on miners, wallets, and exchange service providers. Various companies in the Bitcoin space use B node, due to it being a perfect solution for their needs. It now appears the BCoin team has successfully created a Litecoin version of their project, which goes by the name of LCoin. LCoin …
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Bitcore vs Btcd vs Bcoin

Even though most bitcoin users focus on the most prominent bitcoin node implementations known to date, there are quite a few alternative solutions out there as well. All of these different implementations provide something that can be valuable to the right individuals or companies. Although these alternative node implementations are not necessarily consumer-oriented, they should not be dismissed so easily either. 3. Bitcore One of the many alternative bitcoin implementations …
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BCoin Lets Users Run A Bitcoin Node In Node.js

Running a Bitcoin node has become a topic of discussion these days, as there are so many different options readily available to achieve this goal. In most cases, users will need to run the Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Classic client to achieve that goal, but an alternative solution is being developed as we speak. BCoin is a Bitcoin Node project which can run in Node.js, and perhaps even the browser …
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