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Venezuela Set For Mass Bitcoin Adoption As China Cuts Off Cash Flow

The financial situation in Venezuela is very dire right now. The problems are only compounded now that China is cutting off cash transfers to the country. China has poured billions into Venezuela in recent decades, but there will be no new loans issued to the Latin American country–a positive trend for Bitcoin, which has already gained significant traction in the region. China Cuts Off The Faucet To Venezuela It was …
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MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Releases Report on Status of Claims

Bankruptcy Trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, who is overseeing the MtGox bankruptcy case, has released a reportdetailing the progress of claims that were submitted by victims of the fraud. According to figures stated in the report, the total amount of BTC that is being held by the bankruptcy estate currently stands at 202,163.41191816. There is still an ongoing investigation by Kobayashi into the missing MtGox coins and any newly-found BTC may still …
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