MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Releases Report on Status of Claims

Bankruptcy Trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, who is overseeing the MtGox bankruptcy case, has released a reportdetailing the progress of claims that were submitted by victims of the fraud.

According to figures stated in the report, the total amount of BTC that is being held by the bankruptcy estate currently stands at 202,163.41191816. There is still an ongoing investigation by Kobayashi into the missing MtGox coins and any newly-found BTC may still be added to the claims pot.

Nobuaki Kobayashi writes:

“Currently, I am still investigating the existence of BTC held by the bankrupt entity, and it is planned that, as soon as such BTC are found, I will move them to the address which I manage, and I will keep such BTC there.”

The report states that a total of 24,733 persons have submitted claims, totaling ¥ 2,695,239,249,594. Of these 24,733 claims, only 7,957 have been approved so far by the trustee. A total of 16,776 claims are still awaiting a decision.

The recovery of assets in the MtGox bankruptcy case is complicated due to the fact that customers had BTC deposits, as well as cash deposits, which were sitting in MtGox’s bank accounts at the time the exchange went down.

Kobayashi stated that he is not in a position to verify the information of claims on cash deposits, and is therefore unable to make any decision on the status of these claims at the present time.

“In addition, I reserved my right to accept or reject all claims filed by creditors filing the Bankruptcy Claims Related to Exchange  based on deposits of money (including creditors who filed Bankruptcy Claims Related to Exchange based on deposits of BTC), since it is necessary to further confirm the Users’ information, etc. that is remaining at the Bankrupt Entity and, at  present, I am not in a position where I can accept or reject them.”

Kobayashi is also conducting an investigation to determine if any digital currency deposits went missing at MtGox. Forensic accountants from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, and its subsidiary, ReEx Accounting Firm, have been called in to conduct the inquiry.

The trustee also said that due to the complexity of the case and the availability of information, it may be problematic to find out the details of what exactly occurred at MtGox.

“Due to the circumstances, such as the limited amount of information that exists, I believe it will be difficult to understand the full picture; however, I am planning to continue these investigations, as much as possible, taking into account the said phenomena.”


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