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Android Ecosystem Faces Growing Banking Malware Threat

It is not surprising to learn the number of financial phishing and malware attacks has gone up throughout 2016. Last year was a top year for cyber criminals and it is believed 2017 will see more of the same. According to Kaspersky Labs, mainly Android users were targeted during the 2016 malware and phishing attacks, which is rather surprising. Banking Malware On Android Devices It is true a lot of …
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Floki Bot Banking Malware Highlights Why Bitcoin is More Secure

As if the number of hacking threats against¬†point of sale terminals was not troublesome enough, a new banking malware is making the rounds. Floki Bot is targeting financial institutions and POS data¬†in the US, Brazil, and Canada. This banking malware draws many similarities to Zeus, another infamous Trojan. All of this goes to show that Bitcoin payments remain, by far, the most secure payment solution in the world right now. …
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New Android Banking Malware Steals Login Credentials From Financial Apps

Banking malware is a significant threat to consumers all over the world. Criminals are stepping up their game by not only targeting PC users, but also going after mobile device owners. A new malicious Android Flash Player app is spreading new banking malware on a very large scale. Once the software is installed, the toolkit will extract credit card information, and even bypass 2FA security. Another Malware Attack Against Android …
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