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What Is the Cryptocurrency Anti-Phishing Working Group?

Cryptocurrency users are often targeted by criminals of all kinds. Whether through malicious software, hacked platforms, or phishing sites and emails, the number of threats has not diminished in the slightest. To counter all of this, there is a cryptocurrency anti-phishing working group. This group aims to help participants in the cryptocurrency ecosystem protect their assets from phishing and targeted attacks. The Cryptocurrency Anti-Phishing Working Group It is commendable to see dedicated …
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The Next Ethereum Hard Fork Date Will be Announced on Monday

The upcoming Ethereum hard fork date will be announced on Monday after the group of core developers reached an agreement on the proposed specifications. This hard fork will be the second after the network experienced a series of DDoS (spam) attacks. Several developers and foundation members argued that the quickest, most effective way to address the issue was to fork the network, introducing changes in the cost schedule of several instructions …
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Phishing-as-a-Service Is now a Thing

Malware, Trojans, Viruses and any form of informatic attack is now a normal occurrence in the day-to-day lives of internet users. Still, it is somewhat worrying that even not technically-skilled people can now launch a malicious attack as if they were sending an email. Black markets, darknet, deep web, and other obscure parts of the internet became popular because of their morally dubious offerings. Security firm Fortinet released a blog …
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