XR: Virtual Sports are Solving the Pandemic Economy

The consumer market for extended reality tech is growing at an increasing rate and by 2023, the consumer market for…

1 year ago

Microsoft Engineers Develop Augmented Reality Solution Compatible With Regular Glasses

Microsoft has been making a fair few headlines throughout 2017 so far. The company's latest development in the augmented reality…

4 years ago

Top 4 Challenges for Augmented Reality Right Now

Although the concept of augmented reality sounds very appealing on paper, it will take some time before this technology can…

5 years ago

Top 4 Use Cases for Augmented Reality

Not too long ago, we touched upon the topic of augmented reality and how it compared to virtual reality. As…

5 years ago

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality vs Mixed Reality

The world of technology allows us to create an escape path from the mundane reality we find ourselves in every…

5 years ago

Architecture of Radio Brings Augmented Reality One Step Closer To Consumers

In this day and age, we take so many different things for granted without giving them a second thought. Wireless…

6 years ago

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