What Is Appics Cryptocurrency?

According to a recent study done in relation to global social media usage, it was found that over 2.5 billion individuals currently employ the use of a social media platform. While Facebook is the clear frontrunner with 1.86 billion users, it is trailed closely by Instagram and messaging service WhatsApp. Appics is an all-new reward-based social media application that has been developed entirely within the Bitcoin blockchain. It features an interface …
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New Social Media App on the STEEM Blockchain Hopes to Bring Crypto to New User Base

A company planning to be the first to use Smart Media Tokens (SMT) on the highly-rated Steem blockchain is aiming to bring cryptocurrency to millions of new users by paying them to use social media. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article APPICS is following in the footsteps of others who have used crypto to reward those who post popular content, but will completely revolutionize the  concept by paying ordinary users …
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