What Is Appics Cryptocurrency?

According to a recent study done in relation to global social media usage, it was found that over 2.5 billion individuals currently employ the use of a social media platform. While Facebook is the clear frontrunner with 1.86 billion users, it is trailed closely by Instagram and messaging service WhatsApp.

Appics is an all-new reward-based social media application that has been developed entirely within the Bitcoin blockchain. It features an interface that allows users from all over the globe to come together and connect with one another. Additionally, the system makes use of an underlying incentive model that helps network participants earn a steady stream of revenue on the side.

In addition to being a decentralized, trustless payment network, Appics also comes loaded with an efficacious framework that allows community members to mine for tokens. Not only that, the platform uses certain protocols that make sure that the problem of content monopolization does not occur. Instead of using a central financial authority, Appics provides all of its users with their fair share of created value.

Lastly, owing to its completely transparent framework, Appics has the capacity to help users control the flow of their funds as well as choose the way in which they distribute their incentives.


  • Allows users to remain in complete control of their media content at all times
  • Network participants have full financial independence and can choose the way in which they utilize their revenue and reward streams.
  • Makes use of a native token called XAP to facilitate internal transactions
  • The platform is scalable and has the potential to support up to 10,000 transactions per second.
  • Comes with a host of security modules that ensure maximum user privacy

Key Features

First and foremost, Appics provides users with complete control over their media content. Additionally, through the use of a unique rewards model, the platform is able to help users earn XAP tokens which are redeemable and can be used to either procure value-data of the customer’s choosing or obtain other credible physical assets.

Central aspects of Appics

Because Appics is completely decentralized, it is able to help content producers see where exactly their data is being utilized and by whom. This not only helps provide a high level of overall transparency but also minimizes common issues of piracy and theft that are faced by users when using common social media services.

Overview of the platform interface

From a utility perspective, Appics has been designed to be compatible and fully functional with a wide range of image and video formats. Additionally, users can easily exchange their media content with one another with the touch of a button.

Other important features of the platform include:

  • Fully Functional Marketplace: users receive access to a highly integrated marketplace designed to streamline the transfer of valuable assets between two or more users without any hassle or delay.
  • Availability: a smartphone app is currently under development and is scheduled to be available for both Android and iOS-enabled mobile phones.

How Appics works

Simply put, Appics helps introduce the benefits of a blockchain-based ecosystem to average social media users. In order to make use of the platform, there is no prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies needed.

Visual representation of how the blockchain framework governs itself

To elaborate on the revenue model used by Appics, all financial transactions are governed and dictated by the number of likes a created profile receives. For example, if a person on the Appics platform starts to gain traction via their posted content, they will receive a monthly stream of money in accordance with the number of likes their content has gathered over a defined period of time.

Lastly, all of the generated income is transferred directly into a digital wallet that is issued to a user upon the creation of their account. Once the funds are available there, users have full freedom to control them as they please.

About the platform

Tony Winchester is the Founder and CEO of this operation. Apart from his interest in the blockchain domain, Tony also serves as an entrepreneur, investor, programmer and chief executive of WeCare4U. Additionally, he is an early Bitcoin miner and trader who also dabbles in the world of theater and acting.

Uma Hagenguth is the COO of Appics. In her LinkedIn profile, Uma describes herself as an “online entrepreneur” whose unique skill-set allows businesses to transition into global online operations. She is also the co-founder of a digital marketing agency as well as a part-time crypto trader, blogger and philanthropist.

Lastly, Sandro Ieva is the CBO of this venture. In addition to working as a blockchain specialist for a host of companies around the world, Sandro has dealt with digital startups that are primarily associated with the design and implementation of visual concepts, motion graphics, etc.

Token Details

Since the native XAP currency has not been released into the crypto market as of yet, there is no historical data available in relation to this asset.

An ICO is set to commence today and go on for a period of 30 days. During this period, a total of 120,000,000 coins will be made available to the public for purchase. However, in all, there will be 240,000,000 XAP tokens issued.

From a pricing standpoint, the value of a single XAP coin will be set to about $0.15, but early backers can avail themselves of certain bonuses and early-bird discounts.

Final Thoughts

With social media playing such a dominant role in society today, it would not be surprising to see Appics gain a lot of attention from the cryptoverse at large — especially since it allows for the monetization of personal media content.

If you’d like to buy some XAP tokens, the first token sale round is about to commence, and thus one should visit the official company website and follow the instructions outlined there.