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Open Banking and Real-Time Payments Are Changing Banks for the Better

Banks continue to flex their muscles and engage in fintech innovation, opening themselves up in a way previously never thought possible. They were once staunchly resistant to outside intervention, but a recent report from ACI Worldwide and Ovum has revealed that this trend is changing. Almost 90 percent of banks are forging a path toward open banking and real-time initiatives. What is Open Banking? The term “open banking” may sound a little scary …
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If We Can Lose Our Money, What About Our Data?

We hear a lot about wallets and exchanges being hacked. And about ICO scams and unfortunate investors waking up to zero balances. Investing in the crypto space is scary. The prospect of losing money is scary. But what about losing data? As Equifax so monumentally demonstrated, having one’s personal information wind up in the hands of hackers is no walk in the park either. So, would using blockchain make us any …
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Valyrian Tech Presents The Bitcoin Spellbook Project

Valyrian Tech, a Bitcoin venture, announced the beta release of “The Bitcoin Spellbook” an open source set of tools designed to interact with Bitcoin’s Blockchain. Wouter Glorieux a 33-year-old programmer and creator of the Valyrian Tech project stated that his main goal is to create software that lets any group of individuals to form a decentralized company, where profits are shared fairly based on each one’s contribution.   Wouter Glorieux is a …
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