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Antpool Doubles Down on Bitcoin Cash Support by Burning Mining Pool Earnings

There are always interesting developments taking place behind the scenes in the cryptocurrency industry. Antpool has been engaging in some rather unusual behavior as of late, although there is a clear plan to take into account. With the mining pool burning BCH by sending mining fees to an unspendable address, the team is heading in an intriguing direction. Antpool Is Burning BCH A lot of people were confused and concerned when they learned Antpool was …
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ViaBTC Briefly Overtook Antpool As The Second Largest Bitcoin Mining Pool

Not too long ago, the ViaBTC mining pool started testing the Bitcoin Unlimited block size solution. Although there was no official plan to switch to this option on the mainnet anytime soon, the pool is seeing a healthy influx of new miners. So much even that it become the second largest Bitcoin mining pool less than 24 hours ago. ViaBTC Is On Everybody’s Radar One thing is for sure: ViaBTC …
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Is Antpool Still Delaying Full Bitcoin Network Blocks?

There seems to be some confusion regarding some of the largest Bitcoin mining pools in operation today. F2Pool, Antpool, and BTCC Pool are sometimes referred to as “one mining pool” However, this is not the case, even though they may operate on the same mindset. What is rather worrying, though, is how none of these pools are verifying block headers right now. Clearing Up Some Mining Pool Misconceptions After a …
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