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What Is Otaku Coin?

We have seen quite a few cryptocurrencies being created to fill specific needs. In some cases, these “niche coins” can be quite successful in the long run. Dogecoin is a perfect example of how success can be achieved sooner or later. Whether or not Otaku Coin will see similar success remains to be determined. The decision to issue this token through an ICO will always be controversial, but the currency seems …
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Anime FY Sells Anime Merchandise For Bitcoin

There are many anime fans to be found in the Bitcoin world, yet there are still very few places where one can spend cryptocurrency on merchandise. Anime FY wants to become the number one place to that kind of spending habit, and they have a decent offering available for purchase right now. Anime FY Offers Merchandise to Bitcoin Enthusiasts Depending on where a person lives, the number of anime merchandise …
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Spend Bitcoin On The Gamer In Your Life

Bitcoin allows for anyone to start their own business, as the digital currency serves as a global payment method. Regardless of what items or services one has to offer, there is always someone in the digital currency world looking for that particular thing. Geek ‘N Gamer Gear is a brand new store launched by a passionate Bitcoin user and offers some great and cheap items your gamer friends will enjoy. …
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