Anime FY Sells Anime Merchandise For Bitcoin

There are many anime fans to be found in the Bitcoin world, yet there are still very few places where one can spend cryptocurrency on merchandise. Anime FY wants to become the number one place to that kind of spending habit, and they have a decent offering available for purchase right now.

Anime FY Offers Merchandise to Bitcoin Enthusiasts

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Depending on where a person lives, the number of anime merchandise stores accepting Bitcoin may be significantly higher or lower than the average. But in most cases, there is no way to directly spend cryptocurrency for these types of purchases, unless one wants to go get a Bitcoin debit card to use that form of payment.

Anime FY Is a brand new store, selling various types of anime merchandise to Bitcoin users. Figures seem to be the top priority for the time being and includes Broccoli, Max Factory, and Plum offerings. What is rather interesting is how the store owners both sell existing figures, as well as allow for pre-orders for upcoming products.

But an anime merchandise store would not be worth much without having a good selection of Manga as well. Although there are only five different mangas to choose from – including Kill La Kill, Nozaki-Kun and One Punch Man – prices are certainly fair, which will help this online shop grow and attract more customers in the future.

Speaking of customers, Anime FY can – currently – the only ship to addresses in the USA due to licensing restrictions. This is a downside to a store trying to make a name for itself in the world of anime merchandise, but there is very little to be done about that right now. Whether or not this situation will change in the future, or remains to be seen.

This is one of the very few hurdles a global cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin can solve. Despite the appeal of attracting a lot of new customers all over the world by embracing Bitcoin, physical goods don’t always lend themselves to shipping worldwide. Anime merchandise seems to be a prime example of that problem, but it is positive to see Anime FY venture into the world of cryptocurrency regardless.

Source; Reddit

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