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Judge Approves IRS Tax Information Request to Coinbase

On November 20, the American IRS (Internal Revenue Service) submitted a request to Bitcoin startup, Coinbase. The document demanded detailed financial and personal information on all of the platform’s users. Now, the judge assigned to the case has ruled in favor of the government agency. The Internal Revenue Service has a judge’s green-light to serve Coinbase, one of the biggest Bitcoin startups, with a summons for detailed information about its users. Judge Jacqueline …
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Despite The Media and Public Opinion on the Matter Snowden Will Not Be Pardoned

Edward Snowden, the famous ‘whistle-blower’ who uncovered the biggest surveillance program in the history of humanity, has been the center of a humanitarian campaign asking president Obama to give the computer system’s administrator a full pardon.  Several human rights organizations –including International Amnesty– put forward an official campaign to raise support for a presidential pardon of Snowden’s alleged crimes. The initiative has quickly encountered a massive wall in the form of a …
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