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DIW receives a favourable audit from Ambisafe Inc just before the end of its Pre-ICO

DIW is a decentralized infrastructure enabling its account holders to safeguard their virtual life while accessing a series of DApps via its network. The doorway to the network is a blockchain-based highly secure digital vault able to hold, maintain and selectively share important, sensitive, personal or corporate digital data including but not limited to Identification documents, Login Details as well as financial details and documentation. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article …
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Ambisafe – An Answer to Multi-Sig Wallet Security and More

The multi-sig approach is a favorite tool for ICOs as it allows multiple users, who are usually the co-founders, to be able to process transactions with the raised amount just like a joint account in  fiat banks. No one can withdraw funds on their own and this is what ensures the security of funds and binds the co-founders together. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Since most ICOs nowadays have …
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