DIW receives a favourable audit from Ambisafe Inc just before the end of its Pre-ICO

DIW is a decentralized infrastructure enabling its account holders to safeguard their virtual life while accessing a series of DApps via its network. The doorway to the network is a blockchain-based highly secure digital vault able to hold, maintain and selectively share important, sensitive, personal or corporate digital data including but not limited to Identification documents, Login Details as well as financial details and documentation.

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Currently at its Pre-ICO, the early stage of its official crowdfunding, DIW accepts contributions from interested individuals to collect the funds necessary for the actualization of its project. To do so, they are requested to visit DIWtoken.com and follow the instructions provided.

The DIW Frenzy and Responsibility

DIW has had a highly successful run ever since the announcement of its project to the public, having received favourable comments and high ratings throughout, from industry experts, ICO review sites as well as individuals. It has managed to accumulate more than 37000 supporters in total over its communication channels and has been gaining momentum steadily since the beginning of the year.

The only way for DIW to express its appreciation is by being highly responsible and liable towards its supporters. DIW is keen on constantly ensuring that all its practices, decisions and future plans are transparent, lawful and to the best interest of the project’s success as well as that of its contributors and members.

Based on its promise for the highest standards of quality of services, DIW requested Ambisafe Inc. to perform an audit of the contracts implementing its token and crowdsale.

Audit Result:

DIW is pleased to announce that the result of Ambisafe Inc.’s audit based on its executive summary is that its smart contracts are safe to use as they are as no issues were identified. Comments included how they liked the implementation of the contracts, the fact that SafeMath was utilized to protect the calculations from overflows and the fact that the DIW Token is fully compliant with the finalized ERC20 standard.

About Ambisafe Inc.:

Ambisafe Inc. is an Ethereum Asset Platform based in San Francisco California. They have been pioneering cryptocurrency since 2010 having achieved unique milestones and having invested dearly in blockchain technology.

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