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The Altcoin Season Party Still Hasn’t Started

Following the recent market momentum, many people expect the altcoin season to be in effect. As the Altcoin Season Index shows, that is still not the case. There are many different opinions on what an altcoin season entails. Still no Altcoin Season in Sight Alternative markets rising in value are often a good indicator. However, the “official” Altcoin Season Index isn’t budging just yet. Although the altcoins have come close …
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The Altcoin Season Index is a Thing

There are always people who want to see the next altcoin seasons kick off. In reality, the chances of that happening like in 2017 are slim to none.  If the Altcoin Season Index is to be believed, it is still quite a long ways away.  No Altcoin Season in Sight This new tool seemingly tracks the performance of Bitcoin compared to the alternative markets. More specifically, it keeps track of …
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What is Altcoin Season and Why Does it Matter?

There are numerous trends in the world of cryptocurrency. While it is evident nearly all of the major currencies rely on Bitcoin’s value first and foremost, there is also a period when that unwritten rule is thrown out of the window. Traders often refer to such a trend as “Altcoin Season”, even though most people will agree such a thing does not necessarily exist. There is a very fine line …
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