altcoin exchange

Altcoin Exchange Claims to Have Performed an Ethereum-Bitcoin Atomic Swap

Atomic swaps have become pretty popular over the past few weeks. The Litecoin and Decred developers made major progress in…

4 years ago

Altcoin exchange Poloniex affected by DDOS attack

Until last night, it had been a while until DDoS attacks affected any of the popular bitcoin and altcoin exchanges.…

6 years ago

ShapeShift.IO Now Facilitates BitUSD And BitShares Purchases

The Shapeshift brand has been making itself a household name for many cryptocoin users over the past few months. With…

7 years ago

StealthCoin – progressive and anonymous cryptocurrency

StealthCoin is an cryptocurrency that was launched on July 8th. It features the new X13 energy efficient algorithm, a POS…

7 years ago

CoinNext is the cheapest way to buy and trade Altcoins

What is it? In simple terms CoinNext is an Altcoin Exchange. It is an exchange just like BTC-E and Bitstamp…

7 years ago

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