ShapeShift.IO Now Facilitates BitUSD And BitShares Purchases

The Shapeshift brand has been making itself a household name for many cryptocoin users over the past few months. With the addition of BitUSD and Bitshares the ever expanding network can now facilitate a larger variety of trades.

We were sent the following exclusive statement by Emily from Shapeshift outlining how the integration of the two new cryptocurrencies will be not only beneficial to many customers but to also the respective cryptocoin markets. The integration also comes as a beneficial long term strategy with both popularity and trade of both currencies/assets increasing rapidly. The ShapeShift API currently allows many to use the services on their own websites, with the full list of cryptocoins at their disposal.


“ShapeShift looks to continually grown our altcoin list to offer the
community a robust, fast platform that makes the market easier to buy
and sell within. Bitshares and BitUSD have been growing rapidly and
allow us to offer pegged altcoins and other unique and interesting
innovations to our service and the crypto-currency eco-system at large.”

The ShapeShift website has been hailed for being a minimalistic, simple and easy to use service which can help new cryptocoin traders or even people completely new to altcoins. Using a simple step by step procedure the website guides even the most inexperienced of users into making their first cryptotrade. Simplifying the methods used in real time trading, Shapeshift allows you to take trading in your stride, allowing for time to think before firing of impulse trades which are a common problem for the unprepared trader in the markets.

“Bitcoin kicked off a cambrian explosion of digital asset development,”
explained ShapeShift CEO Beorn Gonthier. “Those assets which bring
unique functionality to this new financial technology are added to our
platform, and BitShares’ assets have been highly anticipated.”

ShapeShift a bright future…

Well it seems as if development in the cryptocoin hemisphere is as bright as ever with unique and ingenious new companies filling in the open markets. Whilst Bitcoins price may be taking a beating companies like ShapeShift aim to help Bitcoiners if it rains or shines. With the addition of the two new currencies the platform sees its functionality increases even further. Bitshares and BitUSD are two prospering currencies and with the PR boost of ShapeShift, new money is set to flow in making these two markets ones to watch. Meanwhile ShapeShift is a service meeting the needs for many crypto enthusiasts and this new development comes as a worthy upgrade to a already polished system.

In case you need aid navigating the service heres a tutorial to get you on your way !


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