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Alibabacoin’s Piggybacking Tactic Results in a Trademark Lawsuit

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are quite a few projects which will find themselves in legal trouble sooner or later. This is especially true when such projects use the name of a person, brand, or company in an effort to gain more legitimacy. For Alibabacoin, it seems the end is near. Alibabacoin is in the hot Seat When Alibabacoin was first introduced, people immediately knew things would implode at …
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Alibabacoin ICO is now live

It is very difficult to stand out in the ICO market of start-up cryptocurrencies, which are pouring out large amount of new crypto coins in a month. In addition to presenting their own vision with their individuality, a lot of them are often trying to shake off their profits by proposing fraudulent information using public’s interest in crypto currency market. It is difficult to find the right and profitable coin …
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