Alibabacoin ICO is now live

It is very difficult to stand out in the ICO market of start-up cryptocurrencies, which are pouring out large amount of new crypto coins in a month. In addition to presenting their own vision with their individuality, a lot of them are often trying to shake off their profits by proposing fraudulent information using public’s interest in crypto currency market. It is difficult to find the right and profitable coin therefore if you want to invest on a proper one, you must gather all necessary information about the coin as well as you need to distinguish the fiction and the truth about it.

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The hardest part of the many challenges that most start-up cryptocurrency companies face is probably gathering investment funds. Even if they have excellent technology and vision, without investment funds, they cannot even try to build up their business which makes the “investment funds” the most important thing for these new rising coins.

Looking at this, Alibabacoin Foundation’s official ICO round 1 and 2’s early sell-out attracts investors compared to other start-up coins and can expect enormous growth near the future. It is believed that their early sell-out can only be expressed as that people trust and support Alibabacoin Foundation’s vision and its future. For example, their vision presents, Alibabacoin Foundation has developed a mobile digital wallet implementing facial recognition instead of using the security key, which will not always be remembered. This facial recognition data will not be saved but will be formed into a blockchain and it will be removed later on which seems to grab many investors’ attention.

A famous analyst also known as the author of “Best Tock, Optimal Timing” Williom O’Neill, said, “Opportunity is open to anyone, in this age it is not enough to simply settle for your job and pay a monthly salary. You must save and invest wisely in order to do what you want to do, go where you want to go, and have what you want. “

To summarize William O’Neill’s investment principles; the momentum investment method, people need to focus investment method on the “explosively growing stocks” when they are showing their “rising trend”.

It seems like people needs to invest in Alibabacoin now since their ‘rising trend’ showing with their early sell-out of their official ICO.

We will focus on growth momentum, which is a momentum investment method for growth stocks.