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Peach Airline Decides to Accept Bitcoin after Japan Recognizes it as a Valid Currency

On May 22, Japan’s Peach Aviation announced it will soon start accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment. Peach will even go a step further and install Bitcoin ATMs in all of the airports within Japan. This move suggests the acceptance of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and it might also help with attracting even more tourists from Asia. Accepting Bitcoin at Japanese airports will be beneficial for many passengers. For example, …
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Why Airlines Would Benefit From Accepting Bitcoin

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock this past week, you will most certainly have heard the news of UATP – a payment network for most of the world’s airlines – integrating Bitcoin as a payment option. Before everyone gets their hopes up, you have to keep in mind that it is still up to the airlines themselves whether or not they will actually use the Bitcoin option in …
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UATP Planning To Accept Bitcoin On Major Airlines

UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan) has announced it will be looking into ways for customers to pay for their flights and travel with Bitcoin.  It was announced earlier this month that UATP will be teaming up with Bitnet to create the unique service as there are not many travel options that take Bitcoin users into consideration. It is also a quite large service as it covers most of the main …
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