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Flying steady: Aeron is rolling out roadmap after successful token sale

20 years ago flying was still the preserve of middle classes and was used sparingly due to the prohibitive cost of air travel. Since then, the rise of airlines like SouthWest and Ryanair have made flying one of the cheapest ways to travel. But despite the fact it is one of the safest ways to travel, flying still has the potential for catastrophic failure because the lives of many are …
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Blockchain Takes to the Skies as Aeron Launches Crowdsale

Despite the fact that we came so far in exploring space, there are still issues to be dealt with in air travel. With over 100,000 flights made daily, serving over 2 million people, safety is still a major concern. Accidents related to air transport average to about 265 yearly, mainly due to human error. What if we could reduce the amount of air accidents, which are primarily the result of …
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