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Opera Adds a Built-In Ad Blocker to Thwart Cryptojacking Attempts

Fans of Bitcoin and similar currencies should know all about cryptojacking by now. This particularly worrisome trend has been growing in popularity for quite some time now, and it seems things will not improve in this regard. Thankfully, there’s now a somewhat easy way to determine whether or not one has fallen victim to cryptojacking. Make Sure to do the Cryptojacking Test While there is no foolproof method of dealing with cryptojacking …
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uBlock Origin Developers Take Steps to Block Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts

It has become rather evident that embedding cryptocurrency mining scripts in web pages can be a very lucrative business. The Pirate Bay recently experimented with such a script to potentially replace its ad revenue model. However, this technology can also be used for far more nefarious purposes. uBlock Origin, one of the world’s most famous ad blockers, has built in a feature that blocks these mining scripts altogether. Web-based Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts are …
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Mass Network Is Not The Answer To Solving The Online Ad Problem With Cryptocurrency

To many people, it seems obvious Bitcoin will replace the advertisement model as we know it. Online banner and video ads are quickly becoming obsolete, due to the number of ad blockers. But it will take more than just the Brave browser to change the way websites are monetized. Mass Network wants to try something different, albeit their ICO campaign is not instilling any confidence. What Does Mass Network Do …
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