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ABN Amro And TU Delft Explore Blockchain’s Potential To Process Big Data

Although there are very few “mainstream” blockchain applications in existence right now, some parties are already looking at the next big challenge. Dealing with large amounts of information, sometimes referred to as big data, will be very challenging to say the least. ABN Amro and TU Delft want to explore how blockchain technology can help in this regard and even develop some more complex proofs of concept. Blockchain Development Is …
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ABN Amro and IBM To Host First-ever Hyperledger Project Hackathon

The Hyperledger Project is, together with the R3 Consortium, one of the most prominent ventures into blockchain technology to date. It is rather interesting to see various financial players support different projects. ABN Amro, for example, will run the first ever Hyperledger hackathon. They will do so together with the help of some strategic partners. A Hyperledger Hackathon For New Blockchain Use Cases One of the primary reasons to host …
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New ABN Amro App Sends Payment Requests Through WhatsApp

In a rather unexpected move, Dutch bank ABN Amro is tackling the mobile payment space from a different angle. The financial institution will make use of WhatsApp to let users request payments. Doing so will provide a link between WhatsApp contact lists and customer mobile payments app. ABN Amro’s Tikkie Is Quite Different Most financial institutions would rely on their own standard mobile banking app to let customers send and …
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