ABN Amro and IBM To Host First-ever Hyperledger Project Hackathon

The Hyperledger Project is, together with the R3 Consortium, one of the most prominent ventures into blockchain technology to date. It is rather interesting to see various financial players support different projects. ABN Amro, for example, will run the first ever Hyperledger hackathon. They will do so together with the help of some strategic partners.

A Hyperledger Hackathon For New Blockchain Use Cases

One of the primary reasons to host a hackathon is to create new ideas and collect valuable feedback. In the blockchain world, this translates to coming up with new use cases for distributed ledgers. Besides the large focus on finance and Internet of Things, there are plenty of other options left to explore.

This is why a Hyperledger hackathon is so important to the blockchain ecosystem. This first-ever event will be hosted by ABN Amro, Holland Fintech, Linux Foundation, and IBM. Coders from all over the world are invited to build financial applications capable of running on distributed ledgers.

As one would expect, the hackathon itself will take place in Amsterdam on October 11-12. Fintech companies, developers, and tech students are all more than welcome to attend and contribute to the event. During this 36-hour period, coming up with use cases will be critical, and the winning project will receive q very nice price. With US$110,000 worth of Bluemix credits, VR headsets, 3D printers, and other goodies, participating can be well worth it.

This is another significant move forward for the Hyperledger project. Advancing blockchain technology is not an easy task, yet a lot of progress has been made in recent months. Despite these early successes, there is still a lot work to be done before blockchain technology becomes a part of our daily lives.

So far, over 80 members have joined the Hyperledger project. It is good to see players outside of the financial sector show an interest in this technology as well. Specifically, the healthcare and aeronautics industries are warming up to distributed ledgers, and it will be interesting to see what the future will hold.

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