Spells of Genesis Closed Beta Sees Over 500 Players Competing On The Leaderboards

The Spells of Genesis online beta is seeing tremendous success so far. After being launched on September 22nd, the leaderboards are becoming very competitive in quick succession. Even though this season will reset in less than two weeks, there are plenty of blockchain-based trading cards being used on a daily basis.

A Strong Uptake For Spells Of Genesis In The Browser

According to the statistics provided by Moonga, there are over 500 players partaking in the Spells of Genesis, closed beta. Making this blockchain-based trading card game accessible through the browser is paying dividends for the developers. Moreover, they can collect a lot of valuable player feedback before releasing the game to the public.

Although blockchain-based trading card games may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is an excellent way to combine innovative technology with competitive gaming. Additionally, the Spells of Genesis team wants to introduce people to the concept of Bitcoin and counterparty assets.

Particularly this latter category will be of great importance, as Force of Will will be launching soon as well.This is another blockchain-based trading card game using counterparty assets. It is likely that items from either game will be eligible to be used in the other, creating a very dynamic ecosystem.

Introducing the rest of the world to Bitcoin and Counterparty assets will be a challenge. Using the gamification element will certainly help, as it appeals to people from all strides of life. Growing the cryptocurrency ecosystem will hinge on efforts like these, as well as other educational initiatives.

So far, Spells of Genesis seems poised for a significant boost once the game is opened to the public. There will be a few more resets, though, until that happens. Once everything has been tested thoroughly, the game will be made available for mobil devices and the web. Players from all over the world will be able to duke it out and use blockchain technology while doing so.

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