Force of Will Targets Japan With Blockchain-based Trading Card Game

Blockchain-based trading card games are an opportunity well worth exploring by developers all over the world.Spells of Genesis; a game,e developed by EverDreamSoft; has seen its fair share of success so far: But its creators are looking to the future, and they have announced the developed of a new game, called Force of Will Battle Simulator.

Force of Will Takes Blockchain Gaming To Japan

It was only a matter of time until we saw blockchain technology being embraced by game developers targeting the Japanese market. Gamers in the country are used to tokenization and in-game purchases, making them a perfect target group for Spells of Genesis or similar games. Force of Will will hit the Japanese market in September of 2016.

It is positive to see such a major trading card manufacturer embrace blockchain technology. Force of Will is active in several dozen countries around the world. Their new blockchain project, which goes by the name of Force of Will Battle Simulator, will take
advantage of what blockchain technology has to offer.

Spells of Genesis users may want to pay attention to the release of this game.Thanks to the partnership between IndieSquare and EverdreamSoft, the new Force of Will game will allow for interoperability of game items. Trading cards from either game can be used in the other game, as well as any future platforms using the same technology.

The success of blockchain-based trading card games is impossible to deny right now. Spells of Genesis, while targeting a niche market, has caused the value of its in-game token to increase exponentially. BitCrystals, as this currency is called, can be traded on multiple exchanges all over the world.

For now, details regarding Force of Will Battle Simulator remain vague. More information is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks. The involvement of IndieSquare will be invaluable, as they are working on integrating additional features for the future. A game developer interface will also be included, although it is unknown if players can use this feature as well.

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