Spells of Genesis SatoshiCard Sells For US$3,700

The Spells of Genesis blockchain-based trading card game has seen its fair share of success over the past few months. One of their in-game SatoshiCards recently sold for 1,280 XCP, worth nearly 6.65 Bitcoin. This is not bad for an item that has not been released yet and goes to show how valuable blockchain-based trading cards can be.

Another Milestone For Spells of Genesis

Although this news has nothing to do with the official development of Spells of Genesis, it goes to show the community is very passionate about this game. EverdreamSoft, the developers of this blockchain-based trading card game, continue to add new cards for players to purchase and collect over time.

The SatoshiCard, which has not yet been released, can be purchased through the Spells of Genesis ecosystem already. Since this card is limited edition, the price per card will automatically go up as more cards are sold. However, no one expected players to pay as much as 1,280 XCP for it before the release.

To put this into perspective, this card is valued at 6.65 Bitcoin, or US$3,700 at the time of purchase. It is not uncommon for passionate gamers to spend a lot of money on becoming better and buying additional cards to improve their decks. However, paying US$3,700 for a non-tangible is quite unusual, to say the least.

All of this goes to show the success of a blockchain based trading card game should not be underestimated by any means. Spells of Genesis can be played on various mobile devices, and allows users to build and improve their decks to advance in the game. Players will also explore the fantasy realm of Moonga at the same time.

It is very well possible the value of the SatoshiCard will go up even further. There is a sell order on the books to sell a SatoshiCard for 1,300 XCP. Further down the line, there is another sell order for the same card valued at 5,0000 XCP. Whether or not anyone will pay such a hefty price, remains to be seen. But these are exciting times for the blockchain-based trading card game; that much is certain.

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