Pokemon Go Update Introduces Quadruple XP Gains For Active Players

Pokemon Go will go down in the history books as one of the world’s most successful mobile games. Even though things have been relatively quiet around the game for some time now, the developers are working on ways to keep players hooked. Niantic Labs recently unveiled their new bonus scheme for Pokemon Go, allowing for easier XP gains and other in-game items.

Prepare For A New Wave of Pokemon Go Challenges

It is not easy to keep players hooked on one and the same game for months, let alone years. Pokemon Go developers Niantic Labs are trying to tackle this challenge. The company announced a new patch, which will be released across all platforms in the coming days. As part of this new update, players will have an easier time collecting XP to level-up, as well as collect in-game items and Stardust.

The objective of Pokemon Go will not change by any means, though. Players are incentivized to visit a PokeStop every day, and they can still collect new Pokemon during their travels. Catching a new Pokemon every day will result in 500 XP and 600 Stardust being awarded to the player. Keeping the streak alive for seven days will result in quadruple bonuses for both XP and Stardust.

Coming back to the same PokeStop, every single day will give players slightly better rewards as well. Trainers will receive 500 XP and bonus items for their first visit, and additional bonuses will unlock when players continue on for seven straight days. On paper it all sounds very simple, yet it is a very effective manner of having trainers log into the game every single day.

All bonuses are on a daily reset schedule, which occurs at midnight local time. It’s nice to see Niantic Labs pick variable times for all locations around the world, rather than forcing players to adhere to US time zone standards. In doing so, they also give trainers a bit more breathing room to play Pokemon Go whenever they please, be it late at night or in the early morning hours.

The primary objective of this new Pokemon Go update is to level the playing field between early adopters and newcomers. Moreover, there is a growing number of casual players who felt that they were unable to get ahead of the curve unless they invested multiple hours a day into the game. With the increased XP and in-game collection gains, that should no longer be an issue.

At the same time, hardcore players will reap the benefits of these changes as well. Higher XP gains are always a plus, and it may sway some people to start playing Pokemon Go once again. The only thing Niantic Labs needs to do now is finding a way to make players aware of their surroundings, rather than having them stare mindlessly at a phone screen while walking or driving around.

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