U.S. Plans to Ban Pokemon Go Permanantly

It seems the DNC hacks have more than just democrats scared these days. Thoughts of malicious malware, and cyber attacks were unheard of some years ago, and lately it’s all we’ve been reading about. With blames being pointed at several sources, it seems that we may never know exactly who is responsible for the hacks. We were expecting many things to come from these recent cyber-attacks, but we never thought it would come to this.

The US government recently announced that it is thinking about banning Pokemon Go for ever, due to the recent hacking incidents that have taken place.

Niantic was sent a letter by the US House of Representatives about the high consumption of data due to the number of players, and the constant hours spent playing. The letter asked whether or not they issued any kind of data consumption warning to players before they start the game.

Another reason the United States is thinking about banning the game is because of the fear that their systems would be hacked through the Pokemon Go system. A report issued two weeks ago stated that the Department of Defense doesn’t allow Pokemon Go players to roam around the agency’s vicinity. Officials are afraid of the chance that someone may hack U.S. systems through a GPS and spy on sensitive data.

In addition, hackers would be able to use the GPS feature to send personal data that could be used to spy, hack, and all sorts of other crimes. U.S. players of Pokemon go have made it clear that they in fact do believe the governments claims of banning the game.

However, Niantic plans on releasing a statement aimed at the hacking claims; and that it is better for players to keep their cool as reports remain unverified. It will also ask that players keep an eye out for any malicious activity while playing Pokemon Go.

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