Pnxbet New Live eSports Category Launches As An Alternative to Traditional Sports Betting

As major sporting events remained postponed indefinitely in the face of a global pandemic, several new initiatives have emerged in the crypto gaming industry. One such move comes from crypto casino Pnxbet, which has launched live eSports for online gambling and sports betting solutions as a direct response to the global standstill experienced by traditional sports events. 

The novel virus Covid-19 has brought the world to its knees, crushing multibillion-dollar industries in its wake. One of which is the gambling and sports betting industry; one previously estimated to be worth a trillion dollars at the end of the decade, it is now virtually non-existent. Highly anticipated sport events such as NBA and Premier League have been canceled or placed on hold, bringing the once-thriving sector to a standstill. 

In terms of financial revenue lost, money funnel to sport betting games in America is estimated at $8.5 billion. The situation is similar in the UK, which boasts a fast-paced betting culture around football and horse racing. However, racetracks and football stadiums have fallen silent and the British sports betting industry has taken a nosedive. 


ESports is offering a suitable alternative to the growing demand for an adequate replacement to real-time sporting events. With eSports, games can be viewed live as it happens, such as the ongoing  NBA 2K20 Players Tournament. This option provides exciting new betting opportunities for fans as they transition from enjoying live games in the stadium to a new replacement that may likely be the new normal.  

Although there are some minor regulatory issues around eSports betting especially in the USA, the industry can be expected to not be handicapped by the coronavirus crisis. An added advantage is the relatively low competition within the space, which means there is first-mover advantage for bookmakers looking to tap into its opportunities. 

As a forward-thinking platform, with vast expertise in sport gambling and betting, Pnxbet sees the new trend in the emerging market and has chosen to capitalize on it.

Pnxbet Live eSports Category 

Pnxbet Live eSports will cater to users in their safe zone at home, allowing them to enjoy and place bets on various eSports events using their payment of choice. This new category will offer live virtual tournaments, soccer games and many others along with its already existing plethora of games such as casino, poker, and live casino games. 

Pnxbet aims to become a leading name in the eSports betting market by providing seamless access to more competitions, trustworthy live odds, and a user-friendly deposit and withdrawal services. Available payment options include cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum. Other options are bank transfer, credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, and Voucher Wallet Code.

More Games to Enjoy 

Pnxbet is not just offering transparency and an easy user’s interface; it promises the best and highest betting odds for eSports games. The platform will focus on multi tournaments eSports with extensive fan bases such as the popular Dota2 and CS:GO, while considering many more like Tennis RG Cup, Europa League, and NBA Regular Cyber Cup.

Pnxbet has marked this landmark offering with a partnership with South East Asian game streaming heavyweights Coach Byb, Guso Gaming, and Xan PH.

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