OpenBazaar Adds More Functionality With New Update

A new OpenBazaar release is available to all of the users, and it includes some minor fixes that may of great value to decentralized marketplace enthusiasts. The update can be downloaded from the website directly in the form of an installer.

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OpenBazaar 1.1.3 Release Brings Some Updates

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So far, the OpenBazaar initiative has been quite successful, and plenty of people are enjoying the protocol. OpenBazaar lets anyone create their own online store, although it will only be accessible for as long as the device running the software remains powered and connected to the Internet.

Among the changes this new update brings are ensuring all of the embedded social media links are clickable. Some people might see this as a minor issue that needed to be fixed, but it is important to deliver a product that works completely as intended. Sharing OpenBazaar links through social media will be of great value to most users.

Another significant change is how the discover page filter control has been redesigned, and first-time users will enjoy the explanatory tooltip that was added in this new release. Moreover, the Bitcoin refund address is moved to a different section of the settings menu, and a brief introduction to what this dose was added.

Minor improvements range from being able to refresh a page by pressing F5, the removal of Duomoney as a wallet option, and several other minor bug fixes. One of these bugs includes the Bitcoin price conversion in the transaction model, which should now display the proper values in all currency denominations.

Last but not least, there is an “all” region in the OpenBazaar settings, which helps when it comes to filtering shipping addresses. Users will have the option to remove select countries, as not every vendor on OpenBazaar might be interested in shipping to every country in the world. All in all, a very promising update and it will be interesting to see what the developers come up with next.

Source: GitHub

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