OpenBazaar 2.0 Offers Significant Improvements

The OpenBazaar initiative has been captivating cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world. Similar to other projects in the Bitcoin world, further improvements are being developed around the clock. OpenBazaar 2.0 has been announced, and it offers some exciting improvements that will excite a lot of people.

Plenty of OpenBazaar Changes Are Coming

Although the initial launch of OpenBazaar has been greeted with a lot of enthusiasm, it is clear there are improvements to be made. First of all, the back-end data storage solution will undergo changes. Right now, the client hosts user’s store data locally, preventing censorship for the store listings.

Unfortunately, this solution is not adequate for the long run. One of the biggest drawbacks of this solution is how users would need to keep their computer or device running at all times to make their store accessible. With the change to IPFS, store data can be kept safe in a distributed manner, similar to how nodes run the same blockchain on different devices.This will also remove the need for third-party OpenBazaar hosting solutions, which is positive news for most users.

Solutions such as OpenBazaar will stand or fall based on how accessible the user interface is. The first iteration of this project was a bit rough around the edges, and OpenBazaar 2.0 will get a major design overhaul. Making the process to buy and sell goods on the platform a lot simpler will help the project gain even more traction over time.

Bitcoin is the bread and butter of the OpenBazaar ecosystem, and the new version of the project will include a built-in Bitcoin wallet. This should eliminate some entry barriers for people who have little to no experience when it comes to using Bitcoin. Additionally, once users fund their wallet, they will be able to complete one-click purchases.

Discovering content on the OpenBazaar protocol can still be a bit of an issue. Third-party search tools will be introduced, which makes it a lot easier to find things. Moreover, users will be able to share collections of content with other OpenBazaar users. An interesting take on content curation for sure.

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