OpenBazaar Wins Three Blockchain Awards At Consensus 2016

It comes as little to no surprise to find out OpenBazaar has picked up several awards during the Block Awards at the Consensus 2016 event. After all, this online Bitcoin marketplace has received a lot of support from the cryptocurrency community.

OpenBazaar Brings Home The Bacon

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During the Consensus 2016 event, a total of five Blockchain Awards are handed out. OpenBazaar – together with OB1, the development firm supporting this platform – won three of these awards, which can be seen as a nod of confidence as to how people see this project. A marketplace where everyone in the world can buy and sell goods for Bitcoin holds a lot of promise for the future.

Among the awards Openbazaar took home is “Best New Startup, which is quite the notch in the belt for this young platform. Even though the project has been in development for quite some time now, it is good to see them still being considered a startup at this stage. Moreover, the platform also won the “Most Promising Consumer Application” award, which speaks for itself.

Ever since OpenBazaar has launched in April of 2016, things have been looking rosy for the developers and OB1. There has been an overwhelming support from Bitcoin community members so far, even though OpenBazaar is far from fully developed. New features and more privacy-centric solutions will be added over time.

Keeping in mind how all of these Blockchain Awards are voted on by community members, rather than a jury, this goes to show there is growing support for the OpenBazaar platform. However, the marketplace solution lacks one significant feature, as users cannot keep their store online unless the host machine is still up and running. This is an “issue” which will be rectified in a future update, though.

It is positive to see this support for a Bitcoin marketplace; as it provides a lot more legitimate use cases for the cryptocurrency. Up until this point, Bitcoin has often been associated with dark web marketplaces, where illegal activity is running rampant. Moreover, this gives consumers and enterprises all over the world a way to sell goods and services in exchange for Bitcoin in a decentralized market.

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