Is Blockchain a Viable Technology During the Coronavirus Crisis?

There are many different opinions as to how the novel coronavirus crisis needs to be addressed. Some even claim how blockchain technology can be a valuable ally to the medical supply chain.

It is certainly true that blockchain technology is incredibly versatile.

Blockchain and the Coronavirus

Its concept can easily be applied to many different business models and points of focus.

Using it to streamline global medical supply chains would certainly be interesting to explore.

Especially when it comes to coronavirus ventilators, the blockchain can help address global shortages.

It would also help remove any lack of compatibility between different regions.

More specifically, requirements in the US and EU are very different from one another.

Now that the demand for resources and equipment is higher than ever before, those conflicting standards need to go.

It is a very interesting option to explore, but it will not happen overnight.

No one will argue that the medical supply chain has trust issues that need to be dealt with.

How blockchain will fit into all of this, is anyone’s guess as of right now.

Numerous options are waiting to be explored, especially regarding certification, payments, and supplier credibility.

Finding partners who are willing to explore these options, is a different matter altogether.